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Can anyone give me some tips on how to teach this skill? I have not taught it before but think it might be fun/interesting for some of our prep op girls.

Thank you.
Sep 21, 2008
Really... I teach it as part of giant swing development on straps. When the swing is big enough, you grab above their knee and guide them into the bar gently until they can do it on their own... Really never thought about a progression for this other than that.

Hope that helps.
Sep 19, 2008
Yeah, I don't really know progressions either. When I learned them I just tried them a couple of times to get a feel for the timing and then got it eventually.

I guess, what's most important ist den swing. If your back swing ist high enough, they'Re fairly easy (only talking about regular uprises and not uprise handstands). They need to make sure they're not trying to pull the bar towards their body too early but make the most of their tap swing before they do.

Another question - would they get an empty swing deduction for it? I'm not really sure as I never competed uprises, but if they're prep op girls, they'll probably do it out of a tap or underswing. I always though you'd be fine if you did an underswing to at least horizontal (as that's a coded element) - can anyone confirm?

Though it just occured to me that you might not even have an empty swing deduction for prep op.


Thanks. I was thinking to try to spot the leg and shoulder as they tried to pull in to the bar but I wasn't thinking of doing it on strap bar. Good idea thanks. Realistically these girls are probably too big for me to be effective with both leg and shoulder so just leg may be a better option.

Thanks. I will look out for them pulling too early.
Prep Op is different in every state I think. The girls in question here are allowed to do I think 2 tap swings but the 2nd swing must connect to another element.

I'm trying to picture bad attempts and can see if they didn't make it all the way up to the bar they might "fling" themselves under the bar. Anything else I should be "worried" about??


Jan 31, 2008
I would set up a drill to practice the top part of the skill. Mostly for those gymnasts who after slamming into the bar will not give 100% to the skill due to fear. Perhaps have them practice jumping from a block to circle (ideally a clear circle).
I would also make sure they keep their head neutral/in as I do remember getting a whiplash feeling on an uprise that went wrong. I was a shocker for having my head out.
Remind the gymnasts that they need to front tap and back tap for this skill. This is where the strap bar is very useful way to practice this skill.


Thank you PL! Good advice on the head neutral and the back tap, they might be so focused on pulling in to the bar that they forget that.

These girls do the box jump to clear hip back to box drill already so we will just reinforce that before trying the actual uprise.


Hey! Just an update on this. We finally got around to raising the strap bar tonight. (had it down low for our 6's and free hips)

IDK if it was the platform I was on, or my size, or the timing, but there was no way I could have gotten a knee during the counterswing so I went pancake on the abdomen and just helped guide in on the first few attempts and she got the idea on about the 3rd try, and by about the 6th try it was looking pretty good, and after another practice or two this particular girl will probably be able to take it to the real bar.

Thanks so much, my gut and memory told me it wasn't tremedously difficult or complicated but I appreciate the thoughtful responses and reinforcement.

So glad I found this site!


Developmental compulsory drills.

Knee uprise. Hang by one knee, swing free leg back and forth and uprise to bar. Can be practice in either grip.

Coach holds gymnast in a pike position by foreleg and thigh and they glide swing and helps to spot them as they uprise on back swing.

or coach grabs a hold of each leg and swings them back and forth in a straddled glide swing and they push down on the bar and back swing and uprise.

Floor push pulls with wheel of death or swiss ball and floor bar. Push to extended hollow body and push/pull to planche back and forth.
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