Urrrg!!! So gald to be leaving, but want to help them...

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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
So i'm switching gyms starting june 1st. I thought my old gym was bad when we decided that i would switch about a month and a half ago. Its gotten worse. There are no safe spotters, they have little tiny girls doing crazy stuff (without proper equipment or spotters :eek:) and the conditioning is all the same and the list goes on and on!!!
The unsafe spotters thing is really killing me. Theres one girl above me skill wise and she is doing double backs into the pit. The coaches don't help her land, don't pay attention to how she is doing the stuff leading up to it to tell how the double back is going to be. The thing that bothers me the most is the landing thing. They just watch her fall on her face time and time again!!! She's going to get really injured one of these days and its not going to be good.
Our conditioning consists of 50 pushups 50 v-ups and go home. Thats our conditioning. Oh, and our stretching consists of splits. Thats it. Every once in a while we will do pike sit.
We have so many injured gymnasts and gymnasts that are either quitting or going high school. They implied some new rules. They aren't a usag gym (another reason i'm leaving) and so they don't have levels. So they made their own requirements. Just this summmer. To be on the top team you have to have a full on floor, giants, a half pierouette on the low bar AND keep your feet up, and you have to have a flipping vault. Doesn't sound too horrible, right? Problem is that we have no coaches to spot these skills. We have 1 coach who can spot these skills safely, and he only comes 1 time a week.
I really love the girls there, and most of the coaches, and i really don't want the program to go under. Everyone is quitting because they know they cant' make the requirements to be on team. Its the best team within like 30 miles, but they aren't going to survive very long if all of their team girls quit. I'm just really worried. There is a new director that just started this january and she's young and not exactly the smartest person on the planet. I'm not dissing her, she just doen't the type of brain required for runnning a gym. The other thing is the favortism that goes on is horrible.

Now, i'm gonna finally get to the point. What can i do to help them? The director and i aren't exactly best buddies, but i'm really good friends with one of the other high up coaches. I really don't want to see them close, but i don't know what i can do. I know i'm leaving in like two weeks, but what can i do?
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