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May 14, 2009
Bross has just gone 1st overall in qualifying :) and Sloan in 5th overall
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Can some explain how they do event finals???

I was looking at scores and Sloan has the third highest qualifying vault score but she didnt make it for event finals? She is only doing All Around and Bars. Why not vault?

I thought maybe you can only have one from each country, but both Bross and Sloan will be doing Bars in the finals. Then I thought maybe they were limited to a certain number but Bross and number of others are competing in more than 2. So does anyone know why Sloan isnt doing vault??
If Sloan only competed one vault she will not be able to do event finals. Two different vaults have to be done to be considered for EF, whereas for AA only one vault is needed.
I think you have to do two qualifying vaults, each different. Alicia Sacramone was the only one before who did the 2 vaults from the US before. At worlds, Kayla Williams was the only one from the US to do two. Since the AA only requires one vault, a lot of gymnast only train and compete one vault, not two. To qualify for Vault, they average the two vaults, so although someone was higher scored that Kayla Williams on vault, they only competed one vault so she was the highest scoring with two vaults. It seems a lot of vaulters specialize in vault and floor. Not many seem to do AA.
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