USAG Level 8?

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Hi everyone!

In my thread about my daughter's level, there were a number of people questioning some of the skills in her routine. I know that being in Canada, we have different criteria for each level, but was wondering what is allowed in the US. Does anyone know of a simple breakdown?

As far as I know about Canadian level 8 (keep in mind, the info comes from a 10 year old) there are certain elements that have to be included, and the rest is pretty open. The only hard and fast rule she could give me is that "D"s aren't allowed until level 9.

Any experts on board??


Jul 5, 2007
Well, it's going to look very different in the coming year than it has in the past five or so years, because C acro skills had become relatively common but will no longer be allowed. So, for example, no double backs off bars, back tucks on beam, or twisting past a full on floor (all previously not too unusual).

I think I saw the thread you're referring to, nothing looked outside of our previous rules (maybe our new ones) but not all 8s do BHS BHS of course. They can do a BWO BHS too. But BHS BHS is not unusual.

The basic difficulty requirements are 4 As, 4 Bs (now, no C acro, dance ok). You can see all the requirements here. Code of Points/optreqchartappndx7-2009.pdf Main ones, acro series on beam with at least one flight element, turn or release on bars, 2 salto pass on floor. Plus not really a requirement, but the tsuk is sort of an expectation at many gyms for a good L8 vault.
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