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pre stands for pre-optionals which is the level right before level 7 but above level 6. i think it is used so girls can skip level 6 and go to seven. i see alot of older talented girls and those from the high school gymnastics scene go this route. This way they don't have to do all the comp stuff. this is just my opionion on this level. please correct me if i am wrong. i just know is has seemed to be relatively new in my area and it was how it was explained to me.
Aug 3, 2007
Is this real? It seems hard to believe. I'm looking at level 8, and California has 437 gymnasts, whereas a state like Kansas only has 43. We live in one of those high gymnast states- Wow, no wonder it's harder to win a state title in some states than others! It IS interesting how the numbers drop in half each level after level 8.
Jul 29, 2007
This can't be too accurate. We are in Alabama, and it shows only 4 level 2's for women's artistic. In our gym alone, there are 11 level 2's (all have been registered with USAG). I know there are about 4 gyms in Alabama that compete level 2 that are USAG members.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
I live in Kansas and our gym one of just a few has like 8 level 8s alone. Plus I agree with skfleming... We had a meet in Nov that had level 3 with level 4 and there were like 15 girls competing level 3 and that was only from 2 of the 5 gyms that were there.
I still have my state meet score books from March of last year, and the numbers don't match what they have at all written down for Kansas and I know all of our girls are registered with the USAG because they won' t let them compete without it.
Oct 27, 2007
Date of charts is from March 07. This was based on August 06 USAG memberships. It's a snapshot in time. It's probably 90% accurate, since the numbers are dynamic. It shows the trend. You can look at the USAG website and see 2003 & 2004 numbers under statistics. Now - off to the Cancun Classic !!!!:):):):) :)
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