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Mar 6, 2009
I've been told . . . USAIGC is a College Bound Competitive Program. I've also been told that a gymnast that wants to compete in college needs USAG experience.

I thought I'd try this Forum - thoughts? opinions?



Jun 24, 2008
For what it's worth, I have never heard of a gymnast being recruited after only competing USAIGC.


Jan 18, 2009
USAIGC offers the College Bound meet which is an opportunity for high schoolers to compete in front of college coaches. However, most girls who are competing for scholarships compete USAG and join USAIGC for the sole purpose of competing in the College Bound meet. USAG is much more competitive and that is where college coaches focus their attention.


Jul 5, 2007
USAIGC technically provides competition through a skill level that would be about equivalent to USAG 10, as far as I know. The thing is, gyms with high levels competitive programs in the US (i.e. gyms preparing for NCAA level competition) almost exclusively use the USAG system in the US now. The highest level ones I've seen from USAIGC meets (I'm judging by youtube and message boards, this isn't very scientific) also seem to compete USAG and just use USAIGC as another outlet, to do something like national meets, or maybe some optional meets while competing USAG compulsories.


hmm i don't know much about USAIGC. i looked them up and saw they don't have a single club in my state or any neighboring states, lol, guess that's why. i don't ever hear about girls from USAIGC making big name schools. also it looks like they're cancelling their college bound invite b/c JO nationals is the same weekend and all the coaches are going to the JO meet. so i guess that shows if you want to compete college, JO is probably your best bet.


Aug 15, 2008
I compete USAIGC, however my gym has both. I prefer USAIGC because it's not as stressful, and not everyone competes the same floor routine :p The meets are a little more layed back, and the gymnasts/coaches are not as intense. However we do train alot of hours and improve and there are levels to move up to. We just have a lot of fun doing it! A girl on my team competed usaigc all her life and she is now doing college gymnastics. So i think both leagues are good!


Jan 3, 2009
Dallas, TX
USAG is a much more competitive program, and the best gymnasts are USAG athletes. The college recruiters attend JO Nationals and elite meets, which are USAG sanctioned meets. USAIGC is newer, and an earlier poster said it-- it's much more laid back. College coaches are looking for the best prepared, highest level athletes they can get, so they're going to look at kids from the better program- USAG in this case. If your only option is USAIGC, go for it, but if you have a choice and are willing to put in the work, you'll have a much better shot with USAG.


New Member
Jan 5, 2012
Ive coached for 23 years n who wants do do the SAME ROUTINES AS EVERYONE ELSE? I almost DIE going to these USAG competitions. IGC lets a gymnast do more of what she wants. IT ALL DEPENDS ON UR COACH IF UR GOING TO BE GOOD. I guarantee u if ur an IGC gymnast n u can a double back on floor n a fulltwisting double off bars schools will b calling you. If u want to goto a peticular school sent them a tape. It doesnt mean a hill of beans weather u compete IGC or USAG. What matters is what you can do when ur ready to goto college. By the way i was an elite usag gymnast for 9 years n now im coaching IGC. I dont know what other IGC teams r doing but my girls are r being trained rite n are getting good,double fulls,tsuks,double back dismounts. Ill put my girls up against USAG level 7 n 8 n theyre only 11-15 yrs old. Im confident MY GIRLS will b competing at college. If u have good coaches and u wanna get good,ur gonna get good. Dont b ignorant n say USAG is the ONLY way to go. Theres more ways to skin a cat.

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r u tiping ona brokin cumputr? is spelchek no wurkin?? good post though.:)
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Proud Parent
Jul 22, 2010
Ha ha, Dunno! The insistance on using full sentences, correct spelling, etc. is one of the reasons I love this site. I'm one of those people who needs a full keyboard in order to text because if I can't use proper capitalization and punctuation, I feel "dirty!" ;)


Jan 18, 2009
I agree with your general sentiments, but your gym sounds like one of the few that actually takes the USAIGC program that seriously. In my experiences, USAIGC has been used as a more "rec" competitive program and by gyms that don't want to deal with USAG for one reason or another (of course these are also the gyms that are not going to have a clue how to "market" their college bound athletes because they don't know how to work the system). I don't think previous posters are saying that it would be impossible for a USAIGC gymnast to earn a scholarship, just that it is less likely given the way the program is run and the way in which most gyms implement it. There are always exceptions.
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