For Parents USAIGC Regional Bar Champ x2!

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Mrs. Puma

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Sep 23, 2014
Syracuse, NY
I can’t make this stuff up...the kid who took 18 months from first kip to consistent ugly kip just won bars at Regionals for both Bronze AND Silver! There were 28 kids in each of her groups, and in her Bronze session she got 8th AA. At 4:30am before her 8am Silver (specialist) session, she was throwing up in the hotel room with a bout of her Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. I told her she could bail, but she demanded to still compete at least bars. She said she’d make a gametime decision about floor, and I told her I was totally fine with that and to listen to her body. She did decide to do floor as well, and even though she fell on her butt on the first pass (FHSFT), she finished strong and ended up with an 8.3 even with the fall, which I was super proud of. She did the best she could, and that’s all we ever ask of our kids, right?! So proud of this kid. Thanks for everyone who sent good thoughts and mojo, and thanks for following the adventures of Puma Jr. On to USAIGC Worlds in 4 weeks...


Proud Parent
Jul 2, 2014
Awesome job! She must feel over the moon. Pea will be bowing out of worlds (since she wasn't going to even compete this year.) She had a similarly great experience with lots of bling to take home after a long struggle to get back. Her division and age group isn't as tough, and she leveled down, but she got a lot of satisfaction from trouncing the competition ;) Enjoy Orlando!
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