WAG USAIGC Silver Skill Requirements?

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Aug 3, 2022
I am a 14 year old gymnast in a team unique to my state with very few requirements to be on the team. I am one of the older ones on the team but was thinking about moving to our USAIGC program since I am training higher level skills than most of my teammates and IGC would be the next step. For my gym I would have to be a silver for my age because the diamonds are around 12 years old from what I’ve gathered.

For those experienced in the USAIGC program, what are the requirements to compete as a silver? My biggest issues would be a series on beam (I have a bhs tuck as a dismount but I don’t think it counts), floor tumbling, and a bars routine. My current bars seems like a diamond routine. The silvers in my gym are more advanced than me which makes me think I’m not able to compete as a silver, however I do not know the requirements. I can explain what skills I already have on each event if that will help you answer the question! Thank you!

Our team only trains 7.5 hours a week and it’s honestly a miracle I’ve been able to get the skills that I have in just a few short years, so I’d be fine staying on my team as well.