WAG USAIGC World Championships - Good Luck!!

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NY Dad

Proud Parent
Sep 2, 2016
New York
As some of you know, USAIGC is one of the less competitive alternatives to JO. The last meet of the season is the “World Championships”, which is next week in Nashville. While it’s not difficult to qualify at my dd’s level, I’m super proud of her for all the hard works she’s put in this season.

Good luck to everyone competing at Worlds next week!
We came, we saw, we had fun!

My DD gave it her all, but the competition was fierce. She recognized that although she didn't win any medals, it was still a solid meet for her (other than floor, it wasn’t anything specific, it just wasn’t her cleanest routine). She was also super excited to spend time with her teammates outside the gym and friends that she's made (indirectly) through CB.

We booked the flight months ago, but got the final schedule less than two weeks before the meet. It worked out well for her because her meet was on our first full day in Nashville. After she was done, she was able to relax and enjoy the vacation and watch some of her friends & teammates compete.

Now that her season has wrapped up, she’s at International Gymnastics Camp for the week, and then on to summer training.
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