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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Has anyone in here ever competed usaigc? There aren't many member gyms in CA and I think there were only 2 meets here last year. We are hoping there will be more this spring so we can try it. It is structured a lot differently than USAG. Our coach says it will be a lot more fun for the kids, less pressured.
When i was a level 6 my gym let me compete at a USAIGC meet as a level 7 for fun. From what I can tell it's a lot less pressure than a USAG meet and I thought it was fun. Sorry I don't remember more--this was like 7 years ago
Usaigc (lmnop!)

My L7 and her teammates do usaigc, some parents call it LMNOP... USAIGC is a mouthful.

The girls like it. It's after USAG season is over, it's fun, lighthearted, and an especially great place for L6's to try out L7 routines. That way by the time L7 season begins in Sept, they've not only learned their routines, but competed them 3 or 4 times. Even the L8's and 9's are into it, they especially enjoy the trip to Florida for Nationals.
I am competing in USAIGC Bronze level this year. I think it's a lot more fun, especially people who would be in in Levels 4/5/6, because you get to compete optional routines at that level. Also, because there are less competetors, it's easy to qualify for State, Regionals, and Nationals. Plus it's easier to medal, and there are older kids, which makes it more comfortable for late starters like me, who would be competing against mostly 7-10 year olds in USAG. I am so happy about USAIGC and so excited for my meet tomorrow! (I am hoping to qualify for the all-round in State - so far I have only qualified for Floor, Beam, and Bars, so if I don't qualify for Vault I can only compete as an event specialist - 2 Events).
Not open for further replies.