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USGTC Camp in MA canceled?

Discussion in 'Other Gymnastics' started by IreneKa, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. There has always been a deadline of 30+ days prior. That's not new at all. Even if it wasn't 3 months like this year, it certainly was not 5 days before, as the group had done this year, apparently. And from what the town has said, it was a substantial amount of NEW documentation that needed to be reviewed. So it didn't matter that the group had operated for so long, it was that they did not leave enough time to fully review the 100s of pages of documentation to ensure it was all valid.
  2. Has anyone heard anything? I faxed my proof of payment and asked for reply of receipt and received nothing. Did anyone get response from law firm??
  3. I have not heard anything. I too faxed proof over...the delay makes me worry even more...
  4. Ive heard nothing! I am filing with investigator newton in the Palm Beach County Public Safety department. Their number is 561 -712 -6548 in case anyone else would like to do the same as me.
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  5. The average Chapter 7 bankruptcy case will take anywhere from 3-6 months, from the time the petition is filed to the time the debt is discharged via court order. It could take longer if further additional information and documentation is requested. Also it will take more time if there are assets that need to be sold for the benefit of the creditors. Only once all the documents are in order will the court notify the creditors that all attempts to collect a debt must stop. Then creditors should receive a notice of creditors hearing a month or so later. The debtor will have to attend the meeting (the debtor answers questions of the court under oath). Creditors may attend but are not required to do so. The creditors will have 30 days to either object to the discharge of the debt or the entire case.

    I am not suggesting you guys do nothing in the interim or before the petition is filed. Just saying it does take time to file bankruptcy. And if they are indeed filing bankruptcy any effort you put into collecting the debt now will be moot. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but if you see any of your money, it will only be a fraction of what you paid. I am guessing the extent of the debtors debts may go beyond the debts incurred in the cancelation of the camp. The camp owners may also have no intention of filing bankruptcy and are merely using this process as a delay tactic to ward off creditors. I am not making any recommendations one way or the other, just providing the little information that I know regarding bankruptcy proceedings.
  6. What are you filing? I filed a claim with both FL and MA AGO and they have not really done anything, unfortunately...
  7. Did you contact the lawyers office yet? They have a list from USGTC of all the people who paid and the amount they are owed. Some of the amounts are not accurate so they ask that we call to verify. I was told on 8/16 that I would get a letter from the law firm in approximately 3 weeks regarding the status of the bankruptcy claim and our next steps. Her name is Donna Bumgardner, 954-724-4366. They are a law firm in Florida representing the bankruptcy claim from the camp owners.
  8. I have contacted the lawyer and sent them proof of payment...I've had no response back from them.
  9. I learned today that the attorney's office is filing the petition for bankruptcy tomorrow in the Southern District of Florida bankruptcy court. From there a chapter 7 trustee will be assigned. That person is then responsible for selling off the remaining assets (at a minimum there are two trailers full of equipment), likely at auction and for notifying us of the proceedings. Apparently they then take the money from the sale of the assets and the money in the bank (over $100k currently) and pay what they can to their debtors. What is not clear is how many debtors they have or how much of money anyone of us will see. As was stated earlier, it will be a minimum of 3 months and probably close to 6+ months. Once the case is filed in the court people can see the court documents that are filed by logging onto: www.uscourts.gov/court-records/find-case-pacer
    I think you have to pay .10 cents a page to view the documents, for those interested.
  10. May I ask how you learned this?
  11. did they sound confident in reimbursing us in full? or just too early to tell?
  12. Has anyone had an update? I’ve left multiple messages for the lawyers and filed with different organizations in Florida. I’ve heard nothing.
  13. Nope.... :(
  14. There was no mention of reimbursing us in full. I only confirmed that They do have assets. They clearly owe a lot of people more money than they have. If and when we get anything back it will be out of whatever money remains after secure debts are paid. Could be something, maybe not. Paperwork from the attys office arrived in my mail today with instructions on next steps.
  15. So the bankruptcy petition was filed. Received a proof of claim form in the mail. When you receive it, two things: (1) file your proof of claim by the Nov 2018 deadline and (2) contact the trustee (listed on the paperwork sent to us) and urge her to challenge the discharge.
  16. Any idea how many families were impacted by the camps last minute cancellation?
  17. where is the trustee info listed? what does it mean to "challenge the discharge"?
  18. Anybody heard anything on this?
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