using tennis wristbands for grips?

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Nov 18, 2011
so apparently i left my grip bag at practice and when i came back one of my wristbands was missing :( i only like the thick longish ones because i've never had problems with wrist rips or anything. but i need new one's by next wednesday for my first meet. this may sound silly but would it be alright to use tennis wristbands under your grips? lol because there's not enough time for me to order ones online and i think places like mc sports or target sell them. like would the texture of the tennis wristbands be any different then the ones specifically made for wearing under grips? i don't want want my grips so be slipping around. (actually they could be wristbands for any sport like nike ones but the tennis one's seem thicker) Thanks :)


May 4, 2009
Yeah it should be fine, as a matter of fact I know a lot of girls who just buy the tennis ones rather than the name brand "gymnastics" ones. Unless you use neoprene or something else special they are basically the same.


Jun 12, 2010
If you have a pair of sports socks you can cut, make wrist bands out of those (the tube of the sock that goes over your lower leg). I don't know if this is old school, but I used to do this all the time to my socks after I wore holes in them. I much preferred them to store-bought wristbands. You can cut them as long as you like. If they aren't thick enough, just wrap some athletic tape around them after putting them on.
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Feb 9, 2011
I use the tennis double width wrist bands all the time. From what I can tell they are the exact same as say the ten.0 wristbands. I may be wrong..but to me they feel the exact same.
For trainer grips (Hand gaurds) the single width was fine. But when I got dowel grips I had to use the double width.
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