V- Press, Straddle or Pike Press?

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V press through to HS. Not that I could do it. Best was just pike stand to HS or L press to HS on PB. I have a hard enough time holding a straddle L from the bottom rather than doing anything to get into or out of it. I've never had a V, but it's awesome.
Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Well personally I think the pike looks the best when done but I can only do a straddle from a stand position lol.

Wow you can do them like from a sitting?


Dec 21, 2008
I can't actually do any of them on the floor, but with the aid of the tramp, pike. For some reason it takes too much thought for me to do a straddle press lol

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
A V-press is freaking hard, but if you can do it, you'll definitely impress a lot of spectators (or at least the ones who know the sport well).

As for myself, I prefer a pike press or, if I'm having a really good day, a straight body press; the harder the press, the more satisfying it is when you hit that handstand.
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