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Mar 7, 2007
Today was my kids last schoolday. They didn't do a whole lot this last week though. But just got Talitha out of school and 6 weeks no school.:jump::applause: The weather is still nice today, she is in the pool. Got my middle chid sick in bed, with 40C fever, poor him. He has been sleeping since like 1pm and it is now almost 4:30pm. Not a good start of vacation.

Hope we will keep on having good weather.
OK, that rots! I had my oldest over Thanksgiving sick with a 104F fever, delerious on the couch where I could keep an eye on him. Advil did nothing to relieve the fever or pain he was in...something that lasted 12 hours. When his fever finally broke, he woke up sweating and starving! That was a Thanksgiving to remember! ;)

Hope he gets to feeling better soon!
my kids go back to school in a month!! hope she enjoyes her vacation!!
I forgot what country are you from??? Im in Minnesota, US
The kids and us are all well again. Through the weekend they were still recuperating, but now it is 1½ week later and all is good.

Can't believe how fast time is flying. Cause the 2nd week of vacation is almost over. Another 4 weeks to go.

Talitha is at camp now, can't wait to hear tomorrow what she has been doing this week.

By the way, I am from the Netherlands.
Not open for further replies.