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rlm's mom

Proud Parent
Aug 21, 2021
I know I may be a minority on this but I don't believe she should go to the beach , however you can't make the decision for her. Encourage her, because she is in a new gym they need to see commitment from her, and optionals are more serious. She needs to settle into the new gyms training system. However the final decision should be hers to make.


Gold Membership
Proud Parent
We were in gymnastics for 17 years total, with 2 multi year level 10 gymnasts and we ALWAYS took at least a week at the beach every summer at our beach house, and some years we took 2! And we did what I believe gymgal's mom said to do, we told the gym that that's when we'd be gone. No lost skills, no issues, time to be a kid, period. And when my daughter got engaged last year , it was at "her favorite place in the world" ...the BEACH , not the gym yes, let your kids be kids.

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