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No gym on vacation for us. I would have never even thought about going to another gym on vacation. I don't even think my kids would want to. They love and enjoy vacation to much.
Lol, one of the reasons OG wants to compete Xcel Platinum this year is so that when we go to YMCA Nationals in June (we do a 1 week family vacay for it), she will get to have a workout session the very first day (Opening Ceremonies is in the Afternoon/ Evening and Optionals L7-10 and Xcel Platinum and Diamond are allowed to work out on the equipment they will compete on for an assigned time... L6 and Xcel Gold are not worthy of this honor, even though Gold was allowed in 2013 - she was the only Gold competing, so she didn't want to that year).
I always tried to schedule our vacations during the "closed" time in the gym (usually last week in June & last week in August) and my dd never trained in a gym while on vacation.
My dad always wants me to find a gym she can go to and since we usually are visiting family, they can watch her practice when usually they only get to see pictures or an occasional video...she would live at the gym if possible!
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