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Sep 3, 2005
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Besides regular classes, what other activities do you value most at your gym and why?

For example...we run birthday parties, parents' night outs, back handspring clinics, camps, recreational meets, recitals, open gyms, private lessons, and more. As a director, I know what makes us the most money...but why do you value certain programs that are above and beyond classes?
Other activities at the gym

Other activities valued at current gym: Birthday parties and open gym. Day camps (during vacation weeks) and summer camps (half and full day camps) Both my children have had a blast at various camps the gym has offered. Also the availability of leotards!
My dtr values the slushie machine!
Unappreciated things at gym: Vending machine filled with candy and soda

It is a plain two flavor slushie machine. It makes slush puppies. Sugar and ice. Not my favorite drink for her! They should sell great coffee - it would save me a trip to the coffee shop before class.
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