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Mar 29, 2009
i am cureently trying to learn quite a few moves and i was wondering wheather anyone had any tips or drills for learning the following moves-
-front walkover(i can do a front limber)
-back walkover(i can do a back beand kickover)
-pullover on bars
-back hip circle
-squat on bars
-straddle lever


-back walkover try working on pointing your foot on the ground and do a backbend till you get the feel for going over on one foot.

-front walkover try going into a front limber but with split legs and land on one foot with the other in the air.

-pullover on bars just do pull ups to get strong first.

-squat on do them on a floor bar till you get the hang of it.

by straddle lever do you mean shoot through? on bars?

hope i helped!?
Mar 29, 2009
here is what it looks like


For straddle lever. Sit in a straddle with the legs at least at a 75-90 degree angle. They don't need to be much wider.

Place hands right in front of crotch. Lift heels off ground. I like prescribing 3 sets of 10 followed by a hold off the ground for 30s or 3 sets of 10 seconds.

You can also work inward and outward circles in this position.

Or simply practice them, shoot for 60s of total volume. Rest 15-30 seconds between attempts. Hold as high as you can so long as it doesn't start to drop as it should remain from start to finish at that height.

It is easier to work with an english handstand grip with the legs straddling the beam instead of with a side handstand like grip.

You can search for threads on front limber and back walkover and pullover.

Back hip circle is just a strong backwards drop with the head in. Look at your toes or the bar and don't throw your head out. Toes go forwards as shoulder go backward.

Start by doing it tucked, then piked and eliminating the pike so the body is hollow.


oh ok i get it what you could do is get it on the floor first and start standing in a pike but with your legs straddled and put your back against a mat or something and lift of your toes. that is what i am doing cuz i am trying to get that too so ya:)


May 8, 2010
Hi, I do acro, so I don't know about bars but i can help you with walkovers.

For back wo, I suggest you start by doing a back bend with one foot in front of the other and judt kick it after your hands are safely on the ground.
With time you'll get confident and you'll start kicking shortly after. Then it's just a matter of balance and a bit of craziness to just go backwards on one foot.
PM if you need more help.

For front walkovers, I have this tutorial:
AcroSurviver's Tutorials: How to do a Front Walkover
(first is about the limber, so move to the end)
I made it based on my personal experience, so I recommend it.


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