Vault landings? - Tsuk Pike

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Jun 14, 2011
North Carolina
DD is training level 8 and is sooo looking forward to finally being able to compete her tsuk. Coaches at her gym and at FlipFest camp say her vault is great, but I've only seen her do it unto a mat in the foam pit. I've noticed before that the higher level girls at our gym mostly vault into the pit, and don't seem to spend a lot of time on landings. Please humor me here, keep in mind that she's coming off 4 years of front handspring vaults;), but is this common in training upper level vaults? Will the landing take care of itself if the other components of the vault are solid?
yes. and i'll give you the reason why. vault landings have been recorded and measured with fancy equipment to be upwards of 15 times the body mass of the athlete. so then, multiply your childs weight by 15. that's right...holy cow!:)
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Usual progression with me was foam pit, mats in foam pit, then only a couple over the table. Once they pretty much had it down, we'd put more over the table. Try to save the knees for their adult lives.
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