WAG Vault: Round Off (Half On) Hands

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Dec 13, 2018
Hey! We are starting to work round off (half on) drill with a few of our girls.

What are the best/preferred hands? Placement ("T" shape, straight) and rotation (1/4, 1/2).

Any advise would be helpful!!
It depends on the gymnast.
Our weaker vaulters do 1/4 onto the table (or mat stack if Silver) and then twist the rest of the way (or not, lol) off of the table. They have their hands so their fingers are facing the side of the table.
Our stronger vaulters do the full 1/2 before hands touch the table, so their fingers are facing the vault runway. These are the gymnasts that will start working the upgrade to 1/2-1/2 ;)
We have always been taught "T" hands, like a round off on the floor, only have the hand that is normally straight turn out slightly (i.e. left hand for a lefty, right hand for a righty) so you end up as close as you can to a 1/2 rotation before hitting the table. However, it all depends on the gymnast like @raenndrops said, and their preference, some will like to do half the rotation on and complete it off, others will like to do the entire rotation before hitting the table :)
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