WAG Vault running drills (studder step)

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Feb 20, 2022
My daughter is a level 7 (1st season) age 11. She has been doing her Yurchenko for a couple of seasons, but just recently (her coach thinks since her block) has started studder stepping. Surprisingly, she can still get some height off the Vault, but is landing almost with her feet under the fault. Her last competition scored an 8.2. Can anyone suggest some drills? Possibly a good link. I know they do drills at the gym, but I'd like to have some ideas for myself.


Jun 29, 2017
I would count her steps, then have her start on the springboard and run back down the runway the same number of steps with a hurdle cartwheel at the end.
I'd practice that reverse run until she lands at a consistent measurement, then try a run-by to see if her run is tight and the hands are lining up to the handpad.

This is what I did, but take with a grain of salt - my experience is 2 years of teaching these things and I only have a handful of flippers in the foam pit lol.
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