Vegetarian meals

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Jan 31, 2012
The car
The dinner thread in the parent forum got me thinking about vegetarian meals. Here is one of my favorites:

The filling is not that quick to make, but it can be made ahead and reheated. You can also roll the burritos, wrap them in foil, and freeze them. They are especially good fried briefly in a little oil to crisp the tortilla and/or covered in red chile enchilada sauce.

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, what are your favorite veggie recipes?
Apr 8, 2015
I'm vegetarian and one of my favorite meals for after practice is a bowl with beans, rice, corn, guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes. I also eat Morning Star's spicy black bean burgers a lot. Smoothies are great before morning practices too. Basically anything with protein!


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Dec 30, 2013
I assume most veggies are familiar with cookbooks by Molly Katzen. I recommend almost anything she's written. "The Moosewood Cookbook" is a classic. But, I think "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest" is her best.

Also, if you're into quiche (great grab and go), I have an excellent alternate to piecrust:
1 cup or so cooked quinoa, brown rice, or other cooked grain.
1 egg
+ whatever spices you want (I usually go basic with salt, pepper, and a little Italian seasoning blend)
Mix it up. Press into greased pie pan. Bake at 350F for about 25 minutes until edges are golden brown. Then throw in your quiche stuff and bake again.
So easy and so much better than traditional pie crust.


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Feb 13, 2015
Vegetable lasagna

Zucchini or eggplant ( or a layer of each) Parmesan

Grilled veggies wraps with fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar dressing

Mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese mixed with ranch dressing, panko on top. Horseradish mayo for dipping.

Portobello mushrooms with roasted red pepper and provolone, seasoned with garlic and olive oil, we do these on the grill.

Black beans and rice.

Veggie fried rice.
Dec 6, 2013
I'm a vegetarian too and many other people are semi-vegetarians who don't eat meat, but may eat poultry or fish.
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Mar 4, 2013
General Atlanta area
Most of our family is vegetarian. My husband is not American, so, there is a lot of variety from where he was born. So, we usually eat most of the time their food and I am always looking for good , tasty, Americaninzed vegetarian plates to suit both palates. We love bread pizza, we make soup a lot and I add lentils now instead of potatoes to thicken it and add protein. Plain, greek yogurt is extremely versatile. We love veggie taco's. I can get soya granules from a local shop and make it like hamburger and add all of the other veggies. If anyone wants any off beat ideas, well, I'll try to help. Vegetarian quesadillas are great also.


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Dec 29, 2015
We are not vegetarian, but the whole family likes my lentil and rice stew. I use equal parts red lentils and jasmine rice, and I season it with salt, black pepper, white pepper, cumin, lemon juice and onions caramelized in olive oil. It makes a great hearty post-workout meal.


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Aug 28, 2011
we are a family of Carnivores, especially Pink, however I made falafel the other day, with a Amata salsa and tzatziki and everyone loved it.


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Nov 27, 2015
My favorite is vegetarian chili. Instead of meat, there's a range of vegetables in addition to the beans, spices, and herbs. So good!

We really only eat meat a few times a week. Dh and I used to be vegetarian, but neither one of us did well without any meat at all.
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Dec 3, 2015
I assume most veggies are familiar with cookbooks by Molly Katzen. I recommend almost anything she's written. "The Moosewood Cookbook" is a classic. But, I think "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest" is her best.

I love the Moosewood!! How old school....


Oct 22, 2007
Veggies of your choice! some combinations I have done are:
Mushrooms, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, spinach
Zucchini, Leek, cherry tomatoes, spinach, red onion
Red and green capsicum, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, red onion

Eggs, cream, cheese (e.g. tasty) + parsley, mixed herbs, cayenne pepper, salt (you can add some bacon/ham/salami for non vegetarian options)
parmesan cheese for the top

You can either cook it in the oven (I usually make them in small ramekins) or you can do it in a fry pan on the stove and then finish off under the grill. Either way works well.

For the oven I mix the veggies in a bowl then add the eggs etc and mix then divide up in to the individual ramekins.
For the stove I cook the veggies a little first and mix the egg mixture separately then pour it over the top.

Cook until egg is cooked and "solid"

really tasty and easily portable! I often take this for lunch at work or have it for dinner.
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