Velcro or buckle grips?????

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Jun 25, 2012
What do you use and like better? Or your DD. I find that I'm ok with both... I can get used to either one.

Ive never used double buckle, has anyone on here? How do you like those?
Once you start giants, definitely buckles. Before that, velcro works fine, but buckles stay on better. In my experience, double buckles are generally even tighter. I prefer single buckle U.S glove.
I saved up $120 for special order grips...My buckle grips didn't stay tight enough and I was tired of tightening them because my wrists are so small. And, the velcro was good, but my coach wants us to use buckle. So, I ordered mine for $120, I got a double buckle, but velcro over the top. I LOVE them. They are perfect...despite the cost, they were totally worth it! Though, I also got wristbands already sewn into the buckles and velcro. So they wouldn't slide. Also, used rubber bands before, so I got special bands, so they won't snap, and I don't have to twist them in, they are already sewn together!! TOTALLY WORTH IT!
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my gym suggests buckle just because they don't come undone and also because girls have more of a temptation to be constantly re-doing the velcro. but both work good.
To be perfectly honest, the people who say that velcro grips come off easily and aren't reliable don't know what they're talking about. They don't offer as much wrist support as buckles do, thats for sure. But I've had my reisport velcro grips for years and they've NEVER come undone. They're very reliable and have been given a bad reputation. That said, many elite level gymnasts do prefer buckles because of the afformentioned wrist support.
I've had double buckle and velcro and I kind of prefer the velcro over the buckle because at least with velcro you don't have only certain areas where you can tighten. And that has been the biggest plus I have found, hence why I have stayed with them, though I do find myself re-adjusting a lot, feeling like they could be tighter, but not because the velcro is letting go, buy because I like grips to be tight around my wrist, something that is more acheivable with buckles I think. I believe at my gym they prefer buckles but it's our preference
I liked my double buckles at first but once the buckle straps stretched some I couldn't get them to fit just right. I prefer my Velcro Reisports and have never had them come undone. I also don't undo them once they are on.
My DD likes double buckles. Most of the optional levels I know change to buckles if they were using velcro before.
I prefer double buckle, I have used velcro and found they loosen so I constantly had to retighten them, and it became habit so I always did it even if they weren't loose. I had heard single buckle dig in so I went with double.
My dd has had both and there are pros and cons to both. She had super g velcro grips for the longest time. They were fast to get on but did need constant adjusting when swinging giants and such on the bars, They had built in neo something wrist bands, so that was nice. Now she has reisport double buckle grips and they take forever,imho, to put on. but they doooo stay on. She has had them for 6 months and she is starting to complain that one hole is too tight, the other too loose. IDK, it maybe time for new grips again. lol
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