Velvet VRS. Other fabric leos

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Hi just wondering what you prefere when it comes to fabric of leos? Velvet or other?? I personally love!LOVE Velvet leos
I prefer velvet because it is wayyyyyy less restricting, but a bit of lycra is ok:)
Velvet is much more comfortable, but there are some patterns that look ridiculous as velvet. Floral patters especially. But I'm not a floral person. Probably why I have 90% velvet leos.
Ew, velvet. I never wear velvet leos to practice because they get too hot. I prefer hologram or lycra with foil-- they're much more comfortable :) and they fit me better than velvet.
I mostly have velvet, but then that's kinda what I first used and I've hardly ever tried anything else. I have one that's hologramm.... the pattern is ugly but it fits me really well... I always put that down to it being AF, though, cos it's the only AF leo I have.
I have a combination of velvet and velvet with hologram. Lycra is ok, I just like velvet better :)
i like velvet for simple pretty leos and lycra for more detailed patterened ones
I do like some hologram and velvet leos like combined half n half but lyrca and nylon are so thin fabric that I just never use it
I love velvet leos. If they are hologram around the top or the arm holes it starts to rub my skin raw. I have a few that are lycra, which is not as bad, but I like velvet better.
I don't really like velvet that much. I have like 3 that are all velvet but most lycra or hologram and some that are like half velvet. I'm a big fan of really shinny leos haha
Most of my leos are lycra or hologram, but I do have 1 or 2 that are velvet. I just got this really pretty brown velvet/pink mystique(I think thats what it's called) thats REALLY comfortable!!! I like both!!! :D
I don't like velvet because I think there too hot. My sister likes them and has several of the velvet leos. I like the really shiny lycra leos. There thinner I think they look better with images like flowers and stuff.
I definately like the Mystique and hologram leotards better, to me they are more comfortable. And I'm lucky because my gym has air conditioning so I don't need to worry about getting too hot in the summer :)
I have a couple velvet leos with little star decals around the neck - one of them has them arranged in stripes, the other in an inverted V. They're comfy, but they get hot, especially in summer.
all the fabrics are really pretty. But does anyone else fins Lycra with foils slightly itchy...? I do.
First of all, i hate any material besides velvet. It's itchy, and they seem too tight.
I absolutely love our comp. leos. They are black velvet with white and blue "whisps" of the itchy stuff in the middle, but they are in spots that it doesn't matter. Our leos look so cool and they feel awesome.
Sadly, i don't get to wear this leo any more, because this was our last year of it, and i broke my foot, so i'm out for the season. :(
Velvet is much more confortable but for some type of leos is better the lycra.
For compete I ussually were velvet but for work out I prefer lycra
I hate velvet. I had to wear it as a compitition leo I was SSOOO hot most of the time, and it doesn't look that good on me! I prefer anything but velvet, but i agree that it is more comfy than the other leos!
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