For Parents Verbally & physically abusive coach?

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Nov 9, 2007
Let me just add my congratulations on your decision, as has been said many times, following your Mom instincts seldom leads you wrong.

But please don't take the situation that your dd experienced to be typical, I think that if you look around, you will find many more gyms that have your dd's best interests in mind, and don't coach using the tactics that you went through. My dd has been in gymnastics for 10 years (since she was 2), and we have attended 4 gyms. I have always been blessed to have found coachs who truely have the kids best interests in mind. I have heard and seen other parents go through what you have elsewhere, and it really does shake your confidence about leaving your child in their care.

I might suggest that you try out some other gyms, check out the parent area and ask questions. Mom's often are willing to let you know what they think of the gym, and you can see the coaches interact with the gymnasts. If your daughter loves gymnastics, encourage her to try somewhere else. I think that if used as a learning experience, it will help her judge proper conduct by coaches, teachers, whoever she comes in contact with.

And most of all congratulations to your daughter for speaking up and telling you the truth. If there is a positive to be taken from this, I think it is that your daughter had the couage to speak up and tell you about what was bothering her. It is a wonderful thing to have the trust of your children, great job Mom!
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