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Jan 22, 2008
DD got her trampoline for her birthday. OMG she is so excited and has started working her front and back tucks with DETERMINATION. She is now almost landing her front tuck on her feet. Her back tuck is getting closer. The funny thing was she just last month got her RBH. Well she is small and started Thrusday doing two backhandsprings connected on the tramp. :eek: there is just enough room for her to work them. So in less than one week after getting the tramp she has figured that out. Now she is saying that she wants to cut a hole through the enclosure and get a second trampoline so she can make a tumbletrack to do roundoff and two backhandsprings. All I can say she is a girl on a mission. I had to laugh at her with her idea. For a 5 year old she thought she was pretty slick with that one.

Thanks for letting me share.
Oh how fun. We went to a friends house and they had a tramp and I heard all how about mean I am for not getting one. LOL. Sounds like your DD is going to have a ton of fun on her new tramp!
She sounds so cute (and smart too:))! I am glad she is loving her gift. It sounds like she will get a lot if use out of it!
She sounds very good, but it also sounds a bit scary. If she is working front and back tucks at home in the backyard but is not yet able to land them on her feet than she really shouldnt be doing them without the close eye of a coach. She can permanatly injure herself. Also I dont know how small she is and how big the tramp is but she really should not be aiming to fit two backhandsprings onto a trampoline, even if it is a really really big tramp. It will cause her to shorten her back handsprings which will be difficult for the coach to fix.

It is alright for kids to practise their gym skills on the tramp at home but it should only be skills that they can do well on their own. Teaching herself to do a back tuck incorrectly can at best reinforce bad habits which can cause her to lose her back tuck comepltely and take years to move onto the next skill and at worst it can permanantly injure her.

I dont mean to be so negative but if after only a week or so she is throwing these skills, you never know what she will try next.
I agree with the aussie coach that after reading your post I was alarmed. We do not own a trampoline but one of the girls on my daughters team had one and broke her foot. Although she sounds really talented I would not want my 5 year old attempting back tucks and backhandsprings with out a trained coach. My daughter has her round off backhandspring but she never attempts it outside the gym. Does your gym have an open gym night ours does they can practice other skills with the coaches supervising.
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