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So I'm totally not cut out to be a gym mom. Last night for the first time DD did high bar work on the real high bar rather than the pit bar. I was so scared for her. She had a few turns doing the high bar portion of the L5 routine minus the kip and the dismount. On one of her turns she got on the bar, did a pullover and then let go of the bar with both hands to fix the stray hairs that were in her eyes. I've seen her just balance on her tummy on the low bar, but not the high bar. We will immediately invest in some new hairspray to keep the little strays out of her eyes! I just really don't know if I can take watching this sport.

And as an update to my kip struggle thread, still no kips last night. When she goes completely alone she is soooo close, but just doesn't finish it. With a 1 finger spot they look great. Her coach said she is barely touching her, but that little finger is all she needs to help her finish. They are much closer than they were the other night. So I think she will have it back very soon. Maybe over Spring Break she'll get it.
The kip is a very hard thing to get, but, trust me, she'll get it and then wonder why it took her so long as it was soooo easy, he he. And I feel for you on that bar thingy...and it only gets worse so you'll have to do some deep breathing exercises and keep on keepin on because you have only begun to feel the stress....Good Luck with that. :)
Oh, I feel you there. My daughter fell off the high bar during open gym last weekend. I had to make myself take a deep breath and then ask if she was ok.
Poor Momma. Luckely I havent had to "deal" with that YET! Im sure she will get her kip soon. Sounds like she is so close.
Haven't watched my DD have a scary fall yet (all her falls have been minor) but I have seen other girls do, and it can be nerve-wracking! We don't even have a pit, so all high bar work is done on the real high bar!
When my DD started doing L6 skills I stopped watching the practices or I would have had no hair left on my head never mind gray hair and not one fingernail to bite. LOL

I stayed about a month ago to watch her L7 practice only to see she was uptraining L8 skills and my heart was in my throat so I went to Wal-mart until she was done. Ive learned I can wait until the meets to see those moves.
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Oh my! I guess at her age it's not intuitive to keep your hands on the bar at ALL times- even if having a bad hair day :).

My dd was uptraining back handsprings on the beam (why, I don't know as she's likely repeating level 5). I wasn't expecting it. In fact, that to me is one of the scariest moves to witness. Anyways, when I go to pick her up she says, "Let me show you what I can do on beam now." So half paying attention I assume that it's a full handstand on beam or maybe a BWO. I almost died. Between her hitting her foot at the end and the expression on my face, hopefully she'll be back to L5 and L6 skills on beam :eek:
I guess I've gotten used to seeing DD fall 10 feet from the high bar-it's common when she works on giants. But I still can't watch straddle backs without the mat over the low bar. I have to leave so DD doesn't know I'm scared! I practice my straight face when we go to college meets.
At open gym a few months ago, my dd watched an older girl climb on the low bar and jump to the high bar. She decided to do the same, never having done that in practice. I was horrified! The high bar seemed so far away, she was six at the time. But, I know it is only going to get harder and harder to watch.
It only gets worse. After watching my child fly off the high bar doing TAP SWINGS, and go up then straight down onto her face/head, I didn't think I could ever watch bars again. You know that 2 second space of time when you see that, you think "she's dead!" "no, she's paralyzed!" "no, she's moving!" and somehow you got from your seat to her in like 3 sec, and you are just thanking God she's only got a broken elbow, you really wonder if she'll ever do bars again. Now, she's doing blinds, giants, shoot-overs to handstand, uphills, double-back dismounts, and something where she does a twist in the air and catches the bar. I've had about 100 mini heart attacks. Sometimes, I can actually feel the white exploding out of my hair follicles, just knocks that red dye right off!! I KNOW I'm sucking the chalk right out of the air! So I try to act like I'm not watching--I play with my phone, use my laptop, talk to other moms. But I'm always watching out of the corner of my eye!
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oh boy...then you'll probably need an adult diaper when she begins giants on the high bar. your fun has yet to begin!:)
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It's the release moves on bars that freak me out. I have been okay with giants, but watching the girls do paks and shootovers scares me! At least with giants, they are probably not going to hit the other bar if they fall. Thank goodness my dd has a few more years before she starts to compete release moves. I watched a L5 girl peel off on the backswing on her tap and hit the low bar - very scary and it all happened so fast the coach could not react.

Beam right now is starting to scare me most. The series on beam is probably one of the hardest things to watch and it has a lot of potential for going very wrong and resulting in a crash into the beam. Gymnastics is not for the faint of heart!
I so totally get where you are coming from...we stayed to watch the optionals at our home meet in Jan. One girl vaulted, landed on the ground, on her upperback/neck and her knees kept going and smacked her in the face, bloodying her nose. She didn't get up for awhile. I was horrified! It looked like a very hard landing to me, esp with all the blood!! She was able to get up and even kept competing, but I think that is when I decided that my kids will be quitting before they reach level
Last night I was sitting with a mom who has a girl on my daughter's team and also has a girl who is a level 7. Her daughter was working on the high bar and slipped off, landing on her stomach. She's fine, but when I looked at her mom, her mom was pale. I told her that I have no idea how she can watch them work on these skills. I turn pale watching my daughter doing cartwheels and back walkovers on the beam. I may have to be medicated if my daughter continues competing the higher levels. ;-)
by the way, i wear a medium size 'depends' everyday to practice. very comfortable!:)

just though you might want to know why coaches butts look puffy under those adidas warm up pants...:cool:
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Okay! I am now at this point right there with you! Tuesday, DD was beside herself with glee when she saw me come in to pick her up after practice. During bars, her HC pulled her to the pit bar and helped her for the first time with giants and even eagle giants. She could not wait to tell me all about it! DD was ready for practice on the next day before I came home from work. Turns out, "Baby, you don't have practice on Wednesday!" She wanted to go back to the gym and 'show me'! Priceless!
That got me to thinking... First it's giants than she has to release at some point out of it. Kid is barely 49-50 lbs and has extreme strength and power! She is going to release that bar and send herself flying to the ceiling! I know, I'm freaking out!! Don't let me get started on those beam skills! She has a beautiful BWO and I don't mind that practice at home on her beam. But she has been doing her FF on low beam at practice and wants to practice it at home too! Mariposa you should be happy to know that I totally put my foot down on that one! NOPE!! "You are not twisting a wrist, ankle, whatever here at home!" I can't imagine what her coaches would think/say about me! "Crazy mom! What is the matter with you!!"
girls don't do "eagle" giants. they do L-grip and/or inverts. you must mean something else. giants in this grip are done by level 10's and elites.
C said she went forward and HC went with it. I am pretty sure he spotted her very heavily! So you mean the mere going forward is called something else? I learned something new! Thanks!!
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