For Parents Victory over the evil mill anyway!

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Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
So, tonight I did not go to practice for the first time in months.

Guess what DD did tonight?????

Her MILL CIRCLE. By herself!!!! She said she did it 2 times!!!

But...I didn't get to see it and I am wondering if she will still have it next week (she does not have gym again till Tuesday!)

Is it one of those things that you get and then you have it???:confused:

But for today, we are declaring victory over the evil mill circle...I will keep you posted!

Thanks everyone for listening to all my bragging and rambling!
Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
How exciting. Great job to your gymmie! That mill circle can be very evil. I think in most cases once they have finally figured out how it works they pretty much have it. They will still sometimes come up a little short and other times forget to apply their brakes and keep going over, but all in all she will probably really have it at this point. Congratulations! That is one of the biggies for the younger girls.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
congrats to her. that mill circle sure causes trouble. i wish it wasn't in the routine at all. what gives my DD the MOST trouble on the bars is the leg cut back??? go figure.


Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2007
Congrats to DD on her mill circle. I hate that skill and see so many girls struggle with it. From what I have seen its a little inconsistent at first when they get it. But quickly gets more consistent.
Aug 7, 2008
Congrats to your dd!!!
It took my dd a while to get her mill circle and dh just happen to bring her to class that night! I had to wait a week to see her do it but it was great seeing her finally get that skill! Im dreading when dd #2 has to start learning those, luckily I have a few years.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Mariposa and juju, yeah, I see the leg cut being a tough thing for a lot of the girls in DD's level. I mean, it's not really an attractive position to be in and how do you really make that movement pretty?;) My dd can do the cut, it just looks sloppy and choppy.

Oh, I am just so glad that she at least got it once...we have a meet where she can hopefully move up to L4 in 6 I am hoping that by then she is going to have it. She needs a 36.00 all around to move up to L4 and if she doesn't have the mill circle solid by is going to make it tough to pull that 36! Her floor is strong already, and beam is good but inconsistent still...and, well, she hates vault!

Anyway, rambling on again...

Thanks to all for the comments! I hate that I didn't get to see her, I have been cheering her on for weeks hoping she would get the darn thing. Murphy's law is right, Mom2Brats!

Happy weekend, all-


Most girls in dd's team struggle more with their leg cut backwards than their mill cirlce too. DD hadn't even attempted the leg cut backwards till recently. She moved her hands than cut her leg back. She did it like that in her first two competitions. I asked her coach why they weren't teaching her the proper way of doing it. She said they were waiting till she was ready. Once they showed her how to do it properly it took her a couple of days to figure it out. Most of the time now it looks nice although she still pausing and thinks about it before attempting it, though. DD's mill circle is still touch and go and she only trained bars once this week. I will be pleasantly surprised if she does it for this competition. We still have one more competition before State and according to dd's HC she needs a 36 to move up to L4. I doubt though they'd hold her back from L4 when just a few months ago they were pushing for her to do L4 but she was too young. We'll see what happens within the next few months.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Yeah! CONGRATS for that dreaded mill circle. As much as it is a PITA for the girls to get, it is one of those biggies of L4 and they are really happy when finally get it! I joke around with the other moms about how come we didn't see Shawn or Nastia pulling one off in the Olympics, LOL! Geez it sure would help my DD to watch some of those skills being done by the gymnastics greats!

I think once you got that skill you pretty much have it. My DD had a fluke at the last meet though and started to do a second circle and needed a puch up from the coach. She's never done that before but it happens once in awhile maybe if they don't get a good grip, have too much momentum from the 1st circle, or loose focus.

Happy "circles" to your DD!


Proud Parent
Jul 25, 2008
I agree about the leg cut. My daughter can do it sometimes, but a lot of times she either ends up banging her foot on the bar on the way over or sagging on her belly as her leg is going over. A lot of the girls on her team have trouble with this and the shoot through too. I really hate the shoot through!!


I really hate the shoot through!!

My dd's toes are still nasty from when she learned the shoot through. I can't tell you how many times she ripped off her toenail getting her foot over that bar. She never had a probem with the mill or fh circle when she was level 4 - but oh that shoot through was a killer !!!

Congrats to your dd on getting her mill circle :D


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Most girls in dd's team struggle more with their leg cut backwards than their mill cirlce too. DD hadn't even attempted the leg cut backwards till recently. She moved her hands than cut her leg back. .

This was totally my daughter too, until tonight. Her old girl scout troop spent an hour at the gym working on a gymnastics try-it that I found from another GS council. DD went too and showed the girls her routines, and did the try-it with them. After she worked with the coach to get her cut-back, it really only took about 10 minutes of one to one work and she had it. On the way home I had to hear how easy it is. Go figure.

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