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Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
soooo . . . . I'm looking for a new camcorder.

Any suggestions?

Anyone have a camera they just LOVE? one they HATE?

I like downloading the video onto my PC and editing . . . would like to be able to snap decent photos while video taping . . .




We just got a Sony DCR-SX40 and we like it. I would love it if it were HD but the HD camera I wanted was a little too expensive right now... It has a great zoom, picks up sound very well and comes with 4GB built in. Good for about 3 hours right out of the box... I would recommend getting an additonal memory card but you don't have to right away if you don't want to.

It also works well with a tripod and is very light (9 ounces). The battery life is so-so. I wish it were better. The price is reasonable. Around 250.00. For the most part, the reviews all say the same thing. A great camera for the price...and I would agree with that...

By the way, what do you use for editing software? We are in the market for that.



Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
I just got a Panasonic SDR-S26 and I really like it alot. IT is YouTube ready and very easy to use. The zoom is 70X optical and image stabilization so it really gets in close without being shakey. It is not HD but those are soooo expensive. This is the next best thing in my opinion. I would post a video if I knew how....I have not taken the time to read the manual yet. Thats just my though. hehe. I am sure it is easy as everything else has been easy to do. Good luck in your hunt!!!


We have a JVC, I think--can't find the camera right now to look! It's relatively inexpensive and gives nice pictures. If I could afford it, I'd definitely get one with a HD. I do the team video each year, so see a lot of people's cameras and those by far give the nicest pictures.

Since you want to get the video into the computer, make sure it has an easy way of doing it. Most new cameras do, but some require their own software--you don't want that! I've found that a firewire connection works the best--drops the fewest frames when transferring in.
Jul 20, 2009
Region 3
We have a Panasonic (don't have the model # with me) that I love! It is lightweight, compact - and I can choose what resolution I want to record at. Still pictures are only medium resolution but acceptable. Mine is actually several years old and I still haven't seen anything I think I would like better. Mine records onto HD mini-cassettes that I then download to my computer to make movies and burn DVDs. Have fun!

Midget's Dad

I have a Sony Mini-DV camera that I got on clearance a year ago. Cant recall the model number. I have been looking at the Sony DCR-SX40 Sean mentioned as well as some of its bigger cousins. I also have looked at the Panasonic SDR-S26 that AGM mentioned. It is a little cheaper than the Sony but quite good as well.

As for editing software I personally use Pinnacle Studio 12, and I will be getting 14 shortly. I used to use Adobe Premier in my production business but replaced it with Pinnacle because I just liked it better.
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