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Those were terrific scores and routines! She has so much concentration for a little girl.

I also thought the floor music was adorable:)

Good job getting the youtube going. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her gymanstics in the future.



Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
she did great! she has beautiful form and you can tell she was really doing her best!
Jul 12, 2007
Your little one is too adorable - I had to subscribe to your vids:D I really, really loved her smile at the end of her floor routine. It showed she had confidence in what she had done:cool:


Oh, she is so adorable! I did not know that Level 2 was even competed. She definitely looks ready to move on to Level 3 or 4. Congratulations on a great first meet!!

Nov 9, 2007
It is so much fun watching the little ones compete! When my dd was younger we just had in house shows, I wish we would have had actual meets. Your daughter is beautiful, and congratulations on a great first meet. Tell your daughter we really enjoyed watching her!


Thanks, everyone! Your comments were all so nice! She did Hilton Head but did not do nearly as well there. The judges were really tough, too, so all the scores were much lower. Even so, she got second on vault and bars, third on floor and third AA. We're definitely looking forward to Skylar's next meet (this weekend)!
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