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I just found out from a gym mom friend of mine, that the VISA champs will be held in Dallas this year! We are definitely planning to go, as we are moving to a town only 30 minutes from the event.

What's even funnier is that dd & I went to the VISA champs in 2007, when they were held in San Jose, CA. At that time, we lived only 45 minutes from the venue in CA! So, we will have lived in a town near the event, for two of the past three years! Pretty silly eh? I guess that sort of thing can happen when you roam around the country like us....

Anyone else in the area going?

I highly recommend it. In 2007 we traveled to & from the event on two separate days & saw all of the artistic women's junior & senior events. It was worth every penny and all the time spent on the road. DD really enjoyed seeing the older favorites and getting familiar with the up & coming juniors as well.

:) :D :cool:
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
That's awesome! You guys are so lucky!!!!! I'm so jealous. That would be an experience of a lifetime. and to be able to go twice in a row. wow!
have fun!!


We saw it a few years back when it was in NYC and we were living in NY then. Nothing better than hopping on the train and being there. It definitely was very cool. Even though dd was only about 6 or 7 at the time her eyes were glued - she wouldn't so much as get up to go to the bathroom.
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