WAG trials day one USAG quick hits

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Memmel got over 16 on bars and beam. Shayla worley not so good, Trani crashed on vault. Not much else yet, only one rotation gone really.

SO much fun, can't wait to watch tomorrow.

Me too. tough for Nastia on bars - too bad, but still great with a 16.7... this is going to be interesting. I WISH I WAS THERE!!!!!!!
Nastia needs to fix her dismount, must be overscored if she took a big step. We'll see tomorrow.

I wish I was there too, just think of our bucket friends sitting there with JBS enjoying the night. Ah well, it's me, you and a bud!!!:D
Excellent choice, I ran out so Bud it is. Feeling very American. in support of trials of course!!!

Think Chels is going to be a great asset this year>>>
I love it too :D Shawn would really have to have a crazy vault to mess up taking first for day one... Looks like she is a lock for todays champion;)
refresh, refresh haha, thats me too...

Nastia did an awesome fx - good for 2nd, unless Shawn can't pull her vt off:)
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