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Jun 26, 2009
Well, lately I've been having some lower back pain that can get pretty bad when I'm tumbling or on beam. My coach told me to get it checked to make sure it wasn't anything serious, so I just went into the doctors today. I went there thinking it was just going to be a little muscle strain or twist that I would just take ibuprofen for and work through.

It turns out that there may be a chance that I have a stress fracture in my lower back, so I had to get quite a few x-rays and I am now waiting for the results... If there is a fracture I would have to skip out on gym for a couple of weeks, which would be a huge bum because I just recently got 3 out of 4 events!

On the plus side, I guess the doctor was also not to pleased to hear about my 35 lb (not exaggerating) backpack and told me I should use my locker more (I'm in 10th grade, and we get a LOT of textbooks!). I told her that at our school sophomores have to share lockers because there is a shortage and I guess I drew the short straw because my partner and I got a pretty small locker that I can only fit 3 periods worth of my stuff in it. After hearing this, my doctor wrote up a note saying that because of medical reasons (even if my back is hurt or not she said it's ridiculous the amount of books I have) I should have my own locker to put my books in!

Anyways, I'm really crossing my fingers that nothing is wrong with my back because I really want this season to be a good one, and not hurt by my first ever injury... I get the x-rays back in 1-3 days, so wish me luck!

Good luck, hope it's just a strain in the end. My DD is a 10th grader and after her surgery she is not allowed to carry anything heavier than 5 pounds, so that makes getting to school interesting. The school was kind and gave her a big locker close to the classes she has the most books for.
I hope it turns out great for you! As for the books...I sure wish they would do the textbooks in kindle or nook formats. This way kids can access them without all the weight of the books! With my oldest DS (20 now) I don't think he used his locker at all. Not sure he even knew where it was!! His backpack had to weigh about 40 lbs. Even still....he never had his homework done. LOL!!
Hope the back pain is not from anything serious. I hear ya on the backpack weighing a ton. I have a gymmie who's also a soph and its ridiculous how much the backpack weighs.
Good luck to you!!! My DD struggled with back issues last year beginning late fall and through most of the competition season. After determining that there were no fractures, she underwent 8 sessions of PT and did not do ANY gymnastics training that involved any backwalkovers or other stresses on her back. Her problem turned out to be a severe muslce strain along her vertebrae. She was doing club, as well as HS gymnastics, and it was just too much. The Dr. thinks she may have suffered a small muscle injury, but w/o any rest or breaks, it just never was able to heal. End of story, her back healed great, she was able to return to backwalkovers, BHS, everything.... was looking forward to a great state meet... and she ended up getting sick right before her floor routine!!! GEEZE!!!!!

Oh.. and that dreaded backpack.... most off the high schools kids want to wear them really low on their backs and that's the worst thing... I try to cinch up my daughters, but she says it looks "dorky" that way... o.k.... but it saves your back!
Well, the x-rays came back and I'm good! It turns out that I just had a knot in my back, so I had to take the week off. But otherwise, I'm completely fine!

I'm so relieved, and I still get to keep my own locker ;)
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I'm glad to hear that you are OK.

For any of your kids that have chronic back (or other medical) problems, many school will "lend" a set of textbooks to keep at home for those kids with a doctors note. It is worth checking in to.

Also, do not put the backpack just over one shoulder...that is horrible for your spine. And someone mentioned this, the backpack should be cinched up high. Back problems can last a life time, it is best to prevent them...even if you think it looks dorky!
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