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Jun 27, 2009
What is the best way to stretch for a walkover?

(Besides the bridge stretch I mean) because I already know that one, and I can not do it all the time, as my wrists are tempermental right now... So is there another way that is effective? I really need this.
well we usually do tick tocks (front walkover and backwalkover except only one foot hits at a time and then you kick back over.. kinda hard to explain.. sorry.) but yea, you can always try that. or you could do the seal stretch.
If you can, do an elbow stand (like a handstand but your forarms make a triangle on the floor) on front of a wall. Let your self arch until your feet hit. Move further away from the wall to add difficulty. Once you are comfy, you can do this to the floor, and you shouldn't need to do back flexibility work for bwo and fwo anymore, it will be strength and conditioning the movements.

Good luck!
Lay on your stomach and have someone pull you by your arms into a seal position. this will stretch your back without putting any pressure on your wrists.
stretch your shoulders by holding onto a pole and rotating them all the way backwards. eventually you should be able to do that with your hands shoulder width apart.
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