Parents Wanted to show off a couple of pics

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Feb 16, 2008
DD had her mock meet last Friday (yes I will eventually have video and a report), but we are lucky to have a profession photographer as a mom. I just wanted to show off a couple of pics of Bug. We love the new team leo. The black and white is my favorite picture.




Awesome pics. I love the b&w one as well. Patiently waiting for meet report now. :D

She is beautiful. Very nice pics. I like the black and white one the best, too. Such a beautiful shot of a beautiful girl. :D Love the new leo, I love blue and orange together and it is very nice.
She's stunning, and looks beautiful in her new leo! I like the B/W one best too, but also love the one on floor. She's polished right to her fingertips!

Now I need to find a photographer amongst the team parents on our team;)
I love the pictures, she is adorable, but growing up so much! The black and white one is lovely, she has such pretty hands! I think that leo is so beautiful. was the meet?
Wow those pictures are good quality. Absolutely beautiful. Love the leo - it looks really big on her in the b&w picture - so cute. Im sure she will grow into it. Her gymnastics looks so pretty. Hope the meet went well.
Lovely pictures, wonderul photographer - the beam shot is so crisp!

So where's the report, huh, huh...... foot tapping smilie needed!!!! ;)
Very nice pics. Thanks for sharing! I love the leo colors, very sharp. I cannot wait to get ours. We're kind of in the dark at this point as we have no idea which leo they decided on. What level is she now?

Thanks again for sharing!:)
What a beatiful gymmie you have! The black and white shot is my fav too! Your new team leo is very pretty, the girls must love them! Meet report? Please!!!!!!
Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. She looks very poised and the new leos are really great.
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