Warning! Dangers Of At Home Training!

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Feb 3, 2009
I'm concerned to learn about gymnasts doing at home training. Gymnastics can be a dangerous sport without proper instruction. Although many companies sell so called "home equipment", there is a risk of serious injury to gymnasts who use this equipment in improper ways. Parents, be sure your child is NOT attempting skills at home they have not perfected in the gym with a coach. There are many things to practice at home that are safe, such as basic skills. Cartwheels, Roundoffs, front and back walkovers, dance moves, endurance training like running or aerobics, flexibility work. Even if a backyard trampoline has a safety net, this doesn't mean it is safe. It only takes one second to break your back, neck or other bones attempting skills on a trampoline you are not ready for. Even if you can do difficult skills, do them at a gym! I myself have mentioned training myself for many years because no coach would take me seriously. I trained myself at a gym on basic skills that did not require height and rotation. Acrobatics, flexibility, dance, endurance exercises, conditioning and jumping rope were the things I did to help me improve until I was noticed as having talent to move ahead. Please, take gymnastics seriously! It's a great sport but it can be dangerous without giving it proper respect.
Not open for further replies.