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Mar 17, 2022
So I have just brought a new leotard from roses leotard and there is Velcro fuzz all over it I have washed it yet nothing is coming of and I’m not sure what to do because that is my comp leotard I promise that it isn’t foam pit fluff because we have an air bag not a foam pit thanoyu for all your help x :)


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Feb 16, 2021
Velcro fuzz? As in, does the fabric look like velcro got stuck to the leo, and the velcro was ripped away? To me, that would mean snagged fabric = damaged fabric. Or, do you mean that the leo just has fuzz in it that won't wash away? Can you pick the fuzz off? If you can pick it off, try using an adhesive lint remover on the leo. It's like sticky tape on a roll, sticky side out, and you roll it over fabric to pick up lint.

Sorry to ask so many questions. I have many laundry tips, but I need to fully understand what you are dealing with.
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