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Isn't she amazing? Maddi is one of my favorites on YouTube. She is sooo adorable and talented. I love her walk on and off the floor. :D
That was sooo amazing!!!! She's awesome! It's good to see great high scores like that so NOW I KNOW what the routines are SUPPOSED to look like!!!! That vault was amazing!!!! She bolted down that runway!!!!
Wow, never knew what the L4 routines look like till now. Check out her TOPS testing video from when she was 6 years old. This kid must live at the gym:) She's amazing. Perfect form and at such a young age. She must have VERY good coaches.
I was especially impressed by her beam. BEAUTIFUL!
She has a bright future, that is for sure.

Thanks for posting that!
DD and I watched this tonight and then had to look at some of her other videos. She is really talented. DD was quite impressed that she was "only 6" and could do everything so beautifully. A very talented little girl, indeed. :)
I've loved watching her for ages. She only turned 7 in December - she must be the most talented 7 year old level 5 around. I don't think many 7 year olds get 9.65 on floor at their first level 5 meet! Scary that she only came 3rd AA. I absolutely love her gold and silver leotard - it really suits her (not sure about the silver warmups!).
WOW! Now that was amazing! Going to show my DD later what the L4 routines are supposed to look like, LOL

I would say that girl has some serious talent!! I was watching anthor really good one yesterday on Youtube as well...I'll see if I can find it again and post it here.
I will say that her level 5 split leap on beam was unbelievable! :eek: Maybe it's just me, though, but did she seem a little too stiff on floor? No doubt she'll be winning all her level 5 meets soon!
NettyinPA, I agree on floor. She is no doubt awesome. But 9.65 on floor and her full turn was off, a bit off music and extra steps on tumbling. A bit high on the score, but unbelieveable for her age and just moving up to l5.
I love Madi. I love her vaults. She is flying through the air. My DD and I have watched her before when she was trying to remember the correct way to so something we looked at Madi for the answers.L
Loved the Level 4 routines, I'm gonna have to go back to watch some of her other videos. She is a great little gymnast.
Another highly talented Tx girl. I have seen her videos and she is amazing ,but I hate her walk on to fl it is just to much.
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