Watching Worlds with dd

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Sep 27, 2013
The event finals were on WAY too early here to get up for on a Saturday (5:30am). Dd who is 4 and I were just watching the Americans on YouTube. She was watching Ross' bar routine and in the middle declares "wow, that is beautiful!"

Then after, at dd's request, we were watching some of the floor routines from the Womens' AA from yesterday (the usagymnastics channel has the whole thing up). We'd watch some of a routine, and dd would exclaim "mom, pause it!" and then she'd go off and try to copy the move (mostly dance moves, she knows she can't do that tumbling yet!). It was super cute!

Anyone else have fun or cute moments watching the championships with their kiddos?


Aug 26, 2013
Nah, but some very cute moments with my mom who was very impressed and even more confused with the difference between a Yurchenko, a Tsuk and the number of rotations in the air and kept declaring that there was no way the Chinese girls would be older than 12.;)
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