wcsn "tv" gymnastics schedule

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Feb 15, 2007
Thomasville, NC
Women's Gymnastics on TV

I know it's RARE and few and far between to catch women's gymnastics on TV, but there are a couple of good College NCAA meets that have been on here lately. I caught UCLA vs. Utah, Auburn vs. Alabama, Florida vs. Georgia, and BYU vs. Boise. I have DISH Network with DVR, so I can just do a search for gymnastics and it will show me everything on for the next week. I'll try to keep you up-to-date if anyone's interested.

FYI - Sunday there is a meet on at 1 PM on ESPN2 - Georgia vs. LSU

Also - USA Gymnastics
March 3 from 1-3 PM on NBC - Tyson American Cup

On CSTV: College Sports Television

Mar. 2 at 9 PM - Michigan at Utah (Taped 2/23)
Mar. 15 at 9 PM - Florida at Utah (Taped 3/9)

Hope you have a great weekend!
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