For Parents We got a visit last night from a gym fairy!!!

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Jan 22, 2008
At practice last night DD was doing BHS on the floor before we left. She has had her RBHS and standing BHS for a couple of months now. Well my little monkey decided to try two in a row. :eek: She comes running out saying did you see did you see. Then goes runs back in and tells one of her coaches. Well then miss thing does 3 in a row. She was so excited she went back and did 4. She was so excited. She is the first one from the new level 4's to connect multiples in a row. All the way home she kept saying tomorrow I get to tumble like the big girls and do my BHS all the way down the floor without stopping.

All of our girls warm up together and yesterday HC told the upper levels to to handspring series instead of staning BHS. So now DD is beaming saying she is like the big girls since she can do her BHS a lot.

Thanks for letting me share. Any one got that beam and bar fairy please send her our way.


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Jan 4, 2008
Aww, thats absolutly awesome, congratulations to your DD!


That is great !!! Enjoy these moments - before you know it she is going to be one of the big kids the new team girls are looking up to.
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