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Bean had her invitational competition today! It was definitely the best organized, nicest venue, and most fun, of the year!

She put on a pretty good show, placing 1st on Beam, 2nd on Floor, 2nd on Bars, 3rd on Vault, and 1st place All-Around!!

She had 6 other team-mates in the same flight, which has never happened before, and she was SO pumped to have the encouragement!!!

I'll try to get the videos online as soon as I can. I'm still pretty inept at the video creation, so bear with me:)

Apr 11, 2008
Congrats! It sounds like she had a wonderful meet. Tell her that Jade and I are very proud of her! It is awesome that she was able to have teammates there to support her. I really think it makes a difference! We can't wait to see the video!


Awesome!!! Good for Bean!! :D

Sounds like she had a great day - competing is almost always fun for them, and it's just such an added bonus to win, too! She must be just about ready for the next level????

Lisa :)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wow!! Way to go Rayna!! What a comeback after being out from her toe injury. Yay!!!!!


Congrats to Rayna! What a nice way to come back!
It is so nice to compete close to home and having team members in the same flight certainly does make things more fun!
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