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My DS started at the new gym today. He is starting in a combined level 1,2,&3 class. The class is only an hour long. Although the old gym did not have a boys team or any plans to start one any time in the near future (which is part of the reason we left there) DS attended class twice a week for two hours at a time). I am planning to add a second class per week but he will still only get two hours of practice per week. I'm a little disappointed with that, but the good news is after seeing DS in class today, the coach said he clearly has level 5 skills in most areas. Boys at this gym move to team once they reach level 4. However, the team is in the middle of the competition season and none of the rec boys will be moved up until after the season ends. I'm so angry with myself that I didnt switch gyms sooner. There's no telling how far my son might have
"How far he might have come if we had switched earlier!"
Is there an open gym he can attend? Could you ask if he is allowed to attend open gym at another gym just for some extra time? Does your son want to do extra conditioning at home? That could help his strength to get ready for next season. His new coaches could give him some ideas.
It sounds like it will be a very good switch! And since boys do not have to make "qualifying scores" I bet he moves up quickly. Season will be over before you know it ;) I agree with txgymfan, see about other options for classes, open gym, conditioning, etc. I can't wait to see how he grows!
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