We need prayers

Parents... Coaches... Judges... Gymnasts...
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Now I don't normally pray but in this situation I'll pray my heart out. I can't even Imagen what I'd do with out my coach. I wish your coach very well please tell us how your coach is doing.
I am so sorry, this must be really hard for everyone that knows her. It really puts a lot in perspective. My coaches moved and I miss them a lot but I still get to talk to them, e-mail, and visit but it is a total different situation with you. I wish I could say something really nice and uplifting but I don't know what would help. I hope your dd stays in gymnastics. I will most definitely pray for you.
First, I will add her to our church's prayer list. The second thing is I ork in a docters ofice. there are two differnt types of aneuryms.One is the silient no symptoms until you hit the floor dead and the one the coach had. It is not uncommmon for the coach to experience the same symptoms as one recovering from a stroke. She is also suspectible to infection. The hospital is no place for the gymnasts. Most people dont know this but flowers are a big form of bacteria infections in hospital. I am sure the gym will go on. My advice as a single parent to you is if you must do something which in crisises such as these make a donation to a non profit or start a gymnastics scholarship fund at your gym in lieu of flowers. Just give the parents & gymnast's a positive way to feel live they are doing something. The fund could be used for some one who can't afford lessons an oppurtunity to part take in this crazy sport of ours. Keep the love of her sport goign in her absences.
All my prayers
Not open for further replies.