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Jan 17, 2008
Blackie - I love your posts! I felt like I was there!

First of all Congrats to your DD holy moly - What a superstar! Competing on a broken foot?? I thikn she is a special little punkin!

Second of all, I totally agree with you.. why are these girls competing L4 again? I cant believe you were seeing 9.9's! I understand there are safety issues from moving level to level.. but not really from 4 - 5. from 6 to 7? from 7 to 8? sure.. but not from 4 to 5.....
Sep 8, 2007
WOW!!!!What a determined little girl you have.Those were great scores a girl with 2 good feet let alone only 1.Hooping that foot heals up quickly you might have to give her some sedatives to keep her off it(just kidding) She will do great has L5
Not open for further replies.