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May 19, 2023
Mesh of web beds question

how critical is the mesh size in web beds?

Examples: I can get a 4mm bed. The cell is 1.41 x 1.41cmThe openings on it are 1x1 cm. Calculating the openness fraction it's 52%

Or I can get a 5mm x 6mm bed with a cell that is 1.92 cm x 1.41 cm. The openins then are 1.32 cm x .9 cm If I did the math right it has an openness fraction of 44%

Anyone have experience with different mesh webs?

At my gym we have 2 eurotramps with 4mm web, and 2 Re-Bound tramps with string mats. At my current level, I can't tell the difference, except that the web bed is rougher on skin.
I really don't have much experience with web beds. The only reason I would get one is if we did competitive trampoline... and we don't. We have the Rebound Products trampoline with the Rebound string bed and love it.

String beds typically last longer and are very easy to fix when a string breaks.
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At my gym we have both web and string beds. At my present level I can't tell them apart by bounce. The web bed is rougher, but also means I don't slide around as much.

Here's the thing: A string bed will cost me $1500. A chinese 5mm x 6mm web bed will cost me $450. Also, my trampoline is outside.
I only buy Rebound stuff at this point. I wouldn’t put a web bed outside either. String beds have easy maintenance.
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Alas I do not have an indoor trampoline space. This is one reason for trying the 5mm web bed. But it's also one reason I was hoping to find people who had experience over the decades of this technology change who could compare them.
They are basically the same… string beds last longer and are better for outside as they are easier to maintain.

What do you mean “technology change”? Both web and string beds have been around for a long time.
how critical is the mesh size in web beds?

If you are talking about a 4mm vs 6mm... probably not much difference. In theory... the smaller the webbing... the better the bounce. I'm not a huge fan of web beds as your fingers and toes get caught in them sometimes.

The wider webbing should (again in theory) last longer than the 4mm webbing. To fix a web bed... you basically have to sew the webbing back together.
For a web bed used outdoors would you paint it the way you do a string bed? I intend to make some form of cover to reduce UV damage.
For a web bed used outdoors would you paint it the way you do a string bed? I intend to make some form of cover to reduce UV damage.

No… I have never heard of anyone doing anything like that.

That’s why I would just throw down and get the Rebound bed.
Actually what I want is more control. I use Eurotramp and Re-bound at the gym, and I can easily get 4 foot elevation. I don't do flips yet, but I like to chain moves without a bounce between. So sequences like front layout to seat drop to back drop to doggie drop to feet. I lose too much energy each bounce to do that on the acon.

Simple example: If I'm doing a series of seat drops with no foot drop, at the gym I can do 6-7 in a row. I can pump back in the energy I've lost, and continue until I blow it on balance and land not quite right.

Off hand I would say that the Acon's bounce is about twice that of a garden trampoline, and half of what the Rebound at the gym is.

Trampoline for me is both exercise, and skill training. If I have to push to get a certain height for a trick, I am not in good control right at that limit. That increases the risk of doing something seriously wrong. So at any given time, I can push the physical limits (how high can I jump repeatedly and land on the same place every time, or I can push my technique at a lower 'energy level' and work on skills. Practicing a skill at the limit of my height and limit of my control is a bad idea.

Does this make sense?
Yes… it makes perfect sense. It sounds like you know what you want that is within your budget… so I would just go for it.

Make sure you have the correct springs for whatever bed you buy. I think the Acon has 10” springs… so you should be good.

Do you have a link to the bed you are looking at?
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It's about 1 cm shorter in length and 1/2 cm shorter in width. Rebound sells string mats for this frame, and has directions on their website for dealing with the change in spring count. Yes, the acon has 10" springs.