Websites to buy leos??

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I need some websites to buy leos please!!!!!!!

Thanks for you help:)
Aug 8, 2007
West Coast GK elite is pretty good. They are nice quality and fancy but a bit more pricey. Destira is pretty good too. I have a few leos from destira and they are comfortable, but tend to be a simpler that gk. They usually have a lot of leos on sale for less than $30 though.

eBay Store: Search results for Chris McKelvey's Material World.
LeoLines - I have one from leolines and it fits very well. They are usually somewhat cheaper than GK, but still god quality. They also are not at fancy.

Leotard Gymnastic Leotards and Custom Competition Leotards by Snowflake Designs Home of Snowflake Designs - Leotards & More! Snowflake leotards- I don't have any from snow flake leotards, but they sell them in the pro shop at my gym and they seem to be pretty good.
Oct 28, 2008
My personal favourite is Jagwear Virtual Designer NEW! 2008 Competitive Leo Designer
I personally don't have any leos from them(I can't afford them yet), but they make the comp leos for my club, and most of the comp girls use their practice leos. They have really nice designs, and you can even pick your colour choice completely. (For both comp and practice)
I also agree that GK Elite, while expensive, has some VERY nice designs.
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