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Coach Nicole

Nov 28, 2017
I coach out of a very small gym in a small town. Our JO 2/3 team only has 3.25-6 hours of class each week. The girls range from 7-13. Up until now, we have been giving the gymnasts conditioning homework to complete on a weekly basis. This usually consists of a 10-15 minute workout that must be completed twice at their own leisure. It focuses on strengthening the muscles needed to master skills they are working on.

Most of the girls seem eager to do it, and I try to make it fun for them. However, I am wondering when it is too much? I don't want them to lose interest, or to take over their personal lives.

What are some of your thoughts on conditioning homework?
our gym has really simple conditioning homework that we are asked to do. If a gymnast turns in a curtain amount they get a prize, however almost no one does them because they are so simple and easy. I would love to hear yours as ours only consist of splits, bridges, push-ups, and lemon squeezers.
All you can do is suggest. You really can't get them to comply. The kids who want to will. Those that don't won't.

It does help to let them know what the exercise will help with.

And then you need to let it go.

Our gym doesn't encourage at home conditioning until L4. But they would give workouts if we asked.
I don't have a specific list, but if a kid/group are really struggling with something I might suggest something they can do at home- usually really basic stuff like splits, hollow holds, leg lifts lying on the floor. The kids who are dedicated and want to improve in that area will do it gladly, those who don't just stay where they are.
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splits, hollow holds, hollow rocks, toe raisers / heal dips, wall sits, handstand shoulder shrugs, lemon squeezers, fire hydrants, pike sits, leg lifts, calf stretches (both bent knee and straight) are a few.
I think for team kids that are only do a low number of days and hours, a little home conditioning is great. When you get to 4-5 days a week and hours in the double digits I would not expect anything other than some stretching at home.
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