WAG Weekly Practice Limits - 16 Hours

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My coworker and I were really inspired by watching Chellsie Memmel train during her come back. She did very few skill reps but a lot of conditioning and good basics.
I’m still inspired by her. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone truly love the sport like she does. Skills are Chellsie’s reward for the hard conditioning she continues to do. She has recently posted pictures of landing a double layout. That’s what she can do because she maintains her strength.
We’ve had Level 7, 8 and 9 at 12 hours a week.

And the gym we are moving to same optional groups at 14 hours max.
I will also be interested to hear how the 14-16 hrs go. I'm having a hard time reconciling 20+ hours per week.
When my daughter started getting into Hopes… we did twice a day workouts. Morning workouts were with me (Dad) and we did from 2 to 3 hours 3x per week. The morning workouts were all private lessons. She then did 18 hours of regular team workout as well. Total workouts per week were between 24 and 27 hours depending on how things were going. If we had what we needed for the next camp… we were on the low end… if we needed to learn something… on the high end.

We did twice a days until high school and then figured out a new schedule.

EDIT: Looking back… we could have dropped an evening workout and been better off. Then we would have been around 15 hours plus the morning hours. That’s how I got to the 22ish hours in the other post.
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