weird deductions?

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Feb 21, 2012
Region 6
at my last meet, (little bigger) i got two weird deductions.. aparently i didn't connect my leap/jump on floor and lost a whole point. My coach even got my routine on video, and they were connected! she showed the score people (?) and even the judges. They refused to change the score. This happened to 2 of my team mates. Should that be able to happen?

Also, on beam, I do a y scale which i think i got deducted for not holding it long enough.. what's the deduction for not holding it long enough, and how long should you hold it for?

if it makes a difference, i'm in MA.. prep op/XCEL gymnast.
For scales, Coach always said "count one gymnastics, 2 gymnastics, 3 gymnastics"
If the jumps were really connected (not saying they weren't, I believe you), why was there a deduction?
Since this was a big meet, the judges were probably a lot tougher. That tends to happen at big meets.
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No video review in JO gymnastics. Not sure why they deducted, impossible to say without seeing the series from their angle. Perhaps it wasn't a matter of connection for credit but that one element didn't count in the series for some reason.
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